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9 Things To Do When You Miss Your Connecting Flight

Traveling is one enriching activity I highly enjoy. If I could be a professional traveler, I would. However traveling sometimes means you have to fly, and flying can be very

You Wanna Find Love? Try Breezing

In our fast-paced world, gone are the days of women waiting by the window for Prince Charming to come to call on them. The Maria Claras of the bygone era have

5 Things Parents Should Never Post on Social Media

In this age of social media and connectivity, reaching out to friends from all corners of the globe is a breeze. Just tap on the Facebook icon on your phone,

Teen Dies After Consuming Too Much Caffeine

What started out as an ordinary day for Davis Allen Cripe, ended in a tragedy when the 16-year-old South Carolina native collapsed inside his classroom on April 26. The Spring

15 Pinoy Celebrities You Probably Forgot Had Passed Away

We are constantly bombarded with information on a daily basis. The moment we open our eyes in the morning, and tap on the cell phone screen, our brain starts to

Pinoy Singing Group Shocks Asia’s Got Talent Judges

Now it can be told, and it is oh so true, that Filipinos are world class singers. I know, I know, the term “world class” is overused and oftentimes misused.

Angel Locsin Previously a Backup Dancer?

We know Angel Locsin as an actress, model, and humanitarian who played the roles of Alwina, one of the main characters in the hit GMA TV series Mulawin (2004), and Darna, the

RompHim: Fashion Must-Have or Fashion Faux Pas

A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook of an article talking about the RompHim, which is the latest fashion craze to have come from Kickstarter. My first thought

Basquiat’s Untitled Painting Sold for $110.5M

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s untitled painting sold for $110.5 million at an auction on Thursday. The artwork, an oilstick, acrylic and spray-painted masterpiece, is a painting of a skull, which the artist

Drown Out the Noise with Blank Newspapers

Are you sick and tired of hearing or reading the news, legitimate or otherwise? In this day and age of fake news and alternative facts, and some people’s seeming inability

Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Bikes Unveiled

Breathing clean air should be a basic human right. However, people who live in highly industrialized cities know that breathing clean air is no longer possible, unless you go to

10 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

According to the 75 Year Longitudinal Grant and Glueck studies, led by George Vaillant and Sheldon Glueck, “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.” One of the most important relationships