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25 Gorgeous Sisters of Famous Filipino Celebrities

Not everyone blessed with good looks enters show business. People don’t really let their physical appearance dictate their career paths. These gorgeous showbiz sister of famous Pinoy celebrities prove that you can be beautiful and still do your own thing.

One question, though, since they clearly won the beauty lottery – will these lovely ladies capitalize on what the good Lord has given them? Or will they continue to pursue their own dreams?

Here’s a list of 25 non-showbiz sisters of famous celebs who prefer to say out of the limelight.

1. Coleen Mendoza

Coleen is a Maine Mendoza’s sister. The 23-year-old sister of Yaya Dub has a degree in Accountancy. While the two women are both beautiful, people might be hard pressed to find similarities in their facial features. Maine Mendoza has big round eyes, while Coleen is chinita.

2. Wendolyn “Twinkie” Chiu

Looking at pictures of Wendolyn, you would think she was a model or beauty queen. This chinita beauty is Kim Chiu’s flight attendant sister. In 2014, there were rumors swirling around linking her to heartthrob James Reid. Wendolyn said the rumors were just that – rumors.

3. Lou Muñoz

Lou Muñoz is the sister of actress and Philia vocalist Arci Muñoz. Lou, like Arci, is into music. She’s also as gorgeous as her sister. Some people actually thought they were twins because the two look so much alike. However, it’s been confirmed that Lou is older than Arci.

4. Jessica Gutierrez and 5. Maxine Gutierrez

Jessica and Maxine are the sisters of beautiful actress Janine Gutierrez. They are the daughters of showbiz ex-couple Lotlot de Leon and Monching Gutierrez. Jessica is the second daughter, while Maxine is the baby in the family. Their brother Diego is a basketball player.

6. Dani Barretto and 7. Claudia Barretto

The Barrettos have been blessed with good genes. Name a Barretto, any Barretto and I bet he or she is gorgeous. So it’s no mystery that a lot of them are in show business, like Julia Barretto, lovely daughter of Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. But Julie has two sisters who are also as lovely – Dani, who is a lifestyle and fashion blogger, and Claudia, a model and a student. They may not always be in the limelight, but their stars definitely shine as bright.

8. Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson is the younger sister of “it girl” Georgina Wilson. Jessica is also a model and an digital influencer. She’s very active on social media, like her cousin Isabelle Daza. Recently, she and her two cousins Ava Daza (Isabelle’s younger sister) and Martine Cajucom appeared in a Rustan’s ad campaign for Rustan’s Cabana Pop-In. The campaign is titled “Endless Summer.”

9. Ava Daza

Isabelle Daza’s younger sister is not only beautiful, she’s also very smart as well. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in AB Interdisciplinary Studies (Management and Communications), Business Administration and Management.

Aside from modeling, she’s also an entrepreneur, running her business called Baguettini Sandwiches. Ava must have gotten her love for food from her father’s side of the family. After all, her paternal grandmother is none other than the famous chef and restaurateur Nora Daza. She also works as a production designer for Adelina Leung.

10. Katie Ann Bernal

Katie Ann Bernal is the sister of Kapuso star Kris Bernal. She has a twin sister named Kate (even their names are twinning.) The two are both based in the U.S. Kate was married in November 2016. Katie Anne, on the other hand, remains single.

11. Yela Tung

What does Grace Poe and Yela Tung have in common? They are both sister of the beautiful GMA actress and singer Lovi Poe. Yela is based int eh U.S. According to her Instagram account, which is private, she is an assistant pastry chef.

12. Issa Pressman

Issa is the lovely sister of Kapamilya actress Yassi Pressman. Yassi has proven her acting chops on the hit TV show FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, while Issa is proving to be a full-blooded creative. She’s an excellent singer and dancer. She has posted videos of her singing and dancing on social media. Issa might soon follow in her sister’s footsteps.

13. Lara Andres

Lara Andres is Sofia Andres’ older but equally gorgeous sister who’d rather study than be in the limelight. She is an AB Communications student at Trinity University of Asia. She has a young daughter named Audrey. She’s very active on Twitter and tweeted on May 2 “Lara, be a parent first,” with the hashtag #3amthoughts.

14. Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia is the talented sister of Kapuso star and recording artist Gabbi Garcia. Alex is a musical polymath. According to her Instagram account, she plays the drums, the guitar, violin, keyboards, and xylophone.

15. Angeli Torres

Angeli Torres is the sister of TV host, commercial model, and Kapuso star Andrea Torres. Angeli is a dermatologist who graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 2015. She’s blessed with natural good looks so she doesn’t need make up to look beautiful.

16. Jocas de Leon

Jocas de Leon can be considered showbiz royalty. She’s the daughter of TV host, actor, comedian, poet, and painter Joey de Leon, and the sister of 1980’s heartthrob Kempee de Leon. Not only did Jocas inherit her parent’s good genes, she’s also very accomplished academically. She graduated cum laude from Fordham University with a degree in Economics. She also has a master’s degree in Economics from the same school, and a masters degree in luxury brand management from European Business School London.

17. Erika Hocson

Erika Hocson is the beautiful, elegant younger sister of actors Bernard and Miko Palanca. She owns Sirena Swimwear together with mode/actress Sam Pinto. She also works for an online store named The Luxe Resort, which sells beach stuff. She has a son with musician Gabby Alipe.

18. Bea Daez

Bea Daez is GMA star Mikael Daez’s sister. She was a basketball varsity player and played for the Lady Fighting Maroons, the basketball team of the University of the Philippines. She eventually became part of the Philippine women’s national basketball team Perlas Pilipinas in her fifth year in college. Nowadays, Bea busies herself as a segment host of the show UAAP Upfront. I guess you can say that sports is her first love.

19. Sam Smith

No, its’ not the English singer. It’s Australian model Andy Smith’s lovely sister and sister-in-law to talented actress Diana Zubiri. Sam works as a pastry chef and in based in Australia.

20. Roana Marie Padilla

Roana is the older sister of movie star Daniel Padilla. She’s a design consultant, interior designer, and digital influencer. Although she’s a Padilla, she has yet to enter the world of show business.

21. Margaret Ford Planas

Magui is Daniel Padilla’s younger sister. She’s 14 years old and loves to play volleyball. Even though Magui hasn’t joined show business yet, she already has her own fan’s club.

22. Rere Madrid

Athena Merrique “Rere” Madrid is the sister of GMA actor Ruru Madrid. The Madrids hail from Zamboanga. Rere is 16 years old, and has a sister named Rara. Perhaps their parents have a weird sense of humor.

23. Ella Pangilinan and 24. Hannah Pangilinan

Although their mother is an award-winning actress, and their brother Donny has had a taste of what its like to be on TV, Ella and Hannah Pangilinan have chosen to stay out of the limelight. Ella is into fitness and owns an active wear clothing line called The Shape Shop, while Hannah is into gymnastics. She’s what the family calls “host and entertainer.” Who knows, Hannah might just end up as a TV presenter.

25. Maya May

Actor, singer, and model Baily May’s younger sister has a lot going for her. Aside from good looks, she’s also blessed with a beautiful singing voice like her brother, who’s also a recording artist. Wow, talk about a talented family!

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