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Artist Creates Anime-Like Fast Food Characters

Inspiration is all around us. It is just a matter of knowing where to look.

One such artist knew exactly where to look for inspiration for a series of artworks she created and later uploaded on the internet.

A Filipino digital artist named OzumiiWizard created anime-like characters based on various popular fast foods chains. These are some of her artworks:

The Starbucks mermaid is clearly inspired by the coffee chain’s logo. Here, the mermaid smiles playfully, as she winks at the spectator. She’s sitting on top of a Starbucks cup filled with what seems like cappuccino. The colors are a nice subdued green, light brown, and white. The words “Thank You” are written on the upper left hand corner. It’s a beautiful message of gratitude, seemingly coming from the coffee giant to their loyal patrons.

The J.Co character resembles a modern day Pokemon trainer. The artist seems to have been inspired by the popular game from the character’s features to her outfit. She wears a tiara, which I’m not so sure what it means. The attire’s color motif remains faithful to J.Co’s color scheme. She seems pretty pleased. Perhaps she has seen the long queue of patrons leading to her store.

The Burger King character is regal in every way, even when it comes to his wit and sense of humor. A speech bubble is on the upper left hand corner with the words “Why dine with a clown when you can dine with a king?!” written on it. It’s definitely Burger King’s way of throwing shade at McDonald’s beloved mascot, Ronald.

Jollibee’s character is relatively young compared to Burger King. Perhaps it is because the company is quite young compared to other fast food chains. Mr. Tony Tan and his family only started the business in 1975, which was originally an ice cream parlor. They decided to shift their focus to hot dogs because according to management consultant Mr. Manuel C. Lumba, Mr. Tan’s mentor, hot dogs were more popular than ice cream. Now, Jollibee has over 1,000 branches worldwide.

Who knew Colonel Sanders was so ruggedly handsome? The re-imagined Col. Sanders is an older gentleman compared to Jollibee. He sports a similar outfit to that of the original with the same color scheme. However, this version is muscular and has longish wavy hair and a goatee. KFC is a popular food chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It is very famous for its fried chicken, whose recipe (which only two people know) is kept inside a vault, whose combination is only known by one person.

Ronald McDonald is a dashing young man with red wavy hair. He’s wearing a more form fitting version of his signature outfit which shows off his toned arms. In the picture, he’s waving at someone. Who could he be waving at? Wendy, perhaps?

The first person to every portray Ronald McDonald was a man named Willard Scott. At the time, he was a popular radio personality. He also played Bozo the Clown on WRC-TV in Washington D.C. from 1959 to 1962. Willard Scott became a weatherman for NBC’s Today Show.

Did you know that Wendy is a real person? The mascot was actually based on Melinda Thomas, daughter of Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s. She became the spokesperson of the brand. When she was young, she had trouble pronouncing the letters L and R. So she was given the nickname “Wendy” because she couldn’t pronounce her name.

OzumiiWizard’s Dairy Queen is a product of both the artist’s imagination and the company itself. Dairy Queen, established on June 22, 1940, is a chain that serves various flavors of soft serve ice cream. In the picture we see a woman who resembles an “Ice Queen” and is wearing an elaborate version of a barmaid’s dress. On her head, she wears a crown seemingly made of ice. OzumiiWizard’s DQ mascot looks so good, perhaps it is time the company actually thought of having one.

OzumiiWizard surely is one talented artist. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

By: 22colors.com

Photo credit: OzumiiWizard

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