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Artist Vincent Jeannerot Designs Herb-Scented Tattoos

If you’re feeling bold and carefree, but don’t want to commit to something as permanent as a real tattoo, then the Bouquet Garni Set is for you. It is a set of beautifully illustrated herb-scented tattoos that takes the shape of fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary and thyme.

Tattly, the company behind the watercolor temporary tattoos, collaborated with artist Vincent Jeannerot, a renowned French artist who specializes in botanical art and whose career spans thirty years.

For the scent, Tattly teamed up with Agilex Fragrances, which created various scents with top notes of bergamot and thyme, rosemary, musk and sandalwood.

Tattly is well known for scented temporary tattoos like the Perennial Set which includes Blue Hydrangea, Pink Peony, Purple Peony, and Rose La France, all designed by Jeannerot.

Click here to check out Tattly’s Bouquet Garni Set.

By: Katy Concepcion-Wiggins

Photo credit: Tattly

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