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Hermes Singapore Collaborates with Artists

Have you ever stopped and admired those creative and arresting display windows at the mall? Well you’re not alone. Many people often pause in front of display windows to admire and take photos. Display windows are a reflection of the store or the brands it carries.

No one knows this better than the French luxury brand Hermes. Their flagship store in Singapore’s Liat Towers has collaborated with artists to create one-of-a-kind window displays to attract consumers.

French artist Julien Amouroux’s art installation called Smart Objects is currently on display. Hermes intends to create window displays that are “whimsical, poetic and original,” themes that are present in Amouroux’s creation.

The art work features a big white head with cutouts where the brain should be. Amouroux admits his work was inspired by a phrenology map. Various Hermes products like bags, shoes, and other accessories, are displayed in the cutouts.

Hermes’ collaboration with various artists says only one thing – it is a brand that acknowledges and supports artists, and draws inspiration from outside of itself. It is a brand that knows and appreciates the value of art.

By: 22colors.com

Photo by: straitstimes.com

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