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Japanese Artist Creates Lifelike Cats and Dogs

If there’s one thing the Japanese are really good at, it’s making everything kawaii. Japanese artist Yomoko888’s creations are no exception.

Yomoko888 creates lifelike replicas of cats and dogs, which are perfect if you love pets minus the responsibilities.

The artist’s creations are not creepy at all. They won’t remind you of Norman Bates’ hobby. All of Yomoko888’s furred creations look happy and healthy, an almost impossible feat but one that the artist has been able to pull off time and time again.

Yomoko888 uses different types of felt and wool to recreate the natural feel of the fur of our four-legged friends. For the eyes and noses, she uses glass and plastic.

So far she has created Shiba Inus (in both blond and black,) corgis, and wiener dogs. The artist has also crafted a tabby cat and a calico cat.

Check out her Instagram page to see for yourself. Unfortunately, Yomoko888 does not take international orders as of yet.

By: 22colors.com

Photo credit: Yomoko888

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