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Pinoy Singing Group Shocks Asia’s Got Talent Judges

Now it can be told, and it is oh so true, that Filipinos are world class singers. I know, I know, the term “world class” is overused and oftentimes misused. But in the case of Filipino singers, the term couldn’t be more true.

And no, it doesn’t only begin and end with Ms. Lea Salonga. Yes, she paved the way for local talents to have opportunities to perform on the world stage, with her flawless portrayal of various leading roles on Broadway and the West End. But countless Filipino talents have given life to even more characters on stage in New York, London, and other cities. Even our very own Caselyn Francisco played Kim in the German production of Miss Saigon back in 1994.

So it is not surprising that many Filipino acts audition for local and even international singing contests like this group of Pinoys who shocked the judges of Asia’s Got Talent the moment they opened their mouths to sing.

The group “Miss Tres” seemed like any other singing group when they set foot on the Asia’s Got Talent stage. The trio were wearing a sequined red and black ensemble (tank top and shorts). They all looked so gorgeous, hair styled to perfection. They introduced themselves as the “Miss Tres” from the Philippines to which judge Vanness Wu replied, “Mabuhay!” After that they were told to proceed.

The music started playing and Mariko, one of the members started singing with an almost baritone voice. The audience and judges were shocked. And then the other members, Mia and Angel, proceeded to sing with a male voice. That was when everyone knew, the Miss Tres was a group of transgenders comprised of members Joselito aka Mariko, Romeo aka Mia, and Conrado aka Angel.

However, the shock factor isn’t the only thing surprising about their performance, it’s the level of musicality and the vocal prowess that the three professional singers possess. All three dominated the stage as a group. Their voices were coming from their core and made everybody stand up and dance.

The trio ended their performance with the crowd on their feet. It was such a fun, entertaining performance to watch.

The group aims not only to entertain people but also to open their eyes and be more accepting of transgenders. In a video clip shown before their performance on the Filipino version of Got Talent, the trio is seen talking about how society treats transgenders – that they are merely tolerated and not accepted.  The trio hopes this attitude changes soon.

In 2015, Angel was allegedly kicked out of the group. The other two members denied rumors saying that they had kicked her out. They said the only person with that authority was their manager.

In September 2016, the group posted on their official Facebook page that Mia had passed away of Stage 4 lung cancer.

By: Katy Concepcion-Wiggins

Photo and video by Asia’s Got Talent





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