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Toshiba Smart LED Lights Up Museums

Toshiba revolutionizes the way museums are illuminated, while protecting valuable art works and bringing out their true colors.

Museum lighting is very important. It is very crucial to get it right so museum goers can better appreciate the displayed artworks. But aside from ensuring that the artworks are properly illuminated, it is also very important that they remain protected from lighting that might damage them.

Toshiba created a smart LED spotlight that can be controlled with just a cell phone app. This eliminates the need to install individual lighting fixtures for every artwork on display. Through Bluetooth technology, the direction and light level can be controlled with just a cell phone. There’s no need for separate remote controls or dimmers.

Instead of the usual blue light, Toshiba’s smart LED light emits a purple light. This isn’t only for dramatic purposes. It produces a light that is closest to natural sunlight, which helps to bring out the authentic, natural colors of a work of art, while also generating less heat than common blue LED bulbs.

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Photo credit: luxurylaunches.com

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