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Swan Lake Restaged

I had asked Nonoy Froilan to restage Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s first ballet, several times but he would always say, “No. They are not ready yet.” They referring to Ballet Philippines.

When he finally told me they would do it, I immediately told him that he must get Candice Adea for the lead role. She had just returned from the US and was no longer with Ballet Philippines so he wasn’t sure if she would agree to do it. But I pestered him to no end to convince her to do it no matter what. Boy was it worth it!

Candice Adea was absolutely amazing last night! She was perfection. She was so Odile and then so Odette, completely embodying both characters. She let go and allowed each role to take over her soul. Her technique was impeccable and delivery perfect. She enthralled us, excited us, and made us cry all in an hour!

Joseph Phillips’ partnering was seamless and flawless. They were wonderful together and he made her soar. Candice Adea is still on top of her game. How I wish she would come back to Ballet Philippines. Her performance was, hands down, the best performance ever!

By: Dr. Aldine Basa

Photos courtesy of Ballet Philippines

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