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Which Type of Person Are You?

A few days ago I chanced upon the beginning of M. Night Shyamalan’s movie Signs on Cinemax and watched it again for the nth time.  I still like it.  Its suspenseful scenes still put me on the edge of my seat and when it ended, it left me pondering on the question posed by the movie.

I normally don’t like alien movies, but I really like this one because I think it is really not about aliens at all.  That after watching this movie, aliens are the last thing on my mind.  It is a film about coincidence and faith.

The most powerful scene for me is when the character of Mel Gibson tells his brother, played by Joaquin Phoenix, that people fall into two groups when something good happens to them.

Group 1 sees it more than luck, more than coincidence.  They see it as a sign.  They believe that someone up there is watching out for them. Group 2 sees it as just pure luck – that there is always a 50/50 chance that it could go the other way. It could be bad or it could be good, and that whatever happens they are on their own. That things are the result of their own personal choices, whether good or bad.

I belong to Group 1.  However, depending on the circumstances, I sometimes belong to Group 2.  When things are somewhat pleasant and uneventful, I stay in Group 1.  However, when things get critical and challenging, sometimes worries and fear strike me, which negate everything that Group 1 believes in. Situations like these push me into Group 2. I get scared and forget that no matter what happens, someone big, great, and all-knowing is up there watching out for me.

This movie is about faith – losing it and regaining it.  It encourages us to “see” the signs all around us, all the time and that there are no coincidences. Be hopeful.  Be courageous. Be faithful. Believe.

By: Emilie Nauntofte

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