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Barbed Wire Brows: Yea or Nay?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw pictures of feather eyebrows. Yep, you heard it right. Eyebrows that were styled to look like a feather, and I instantly thought

Lanmodo Cooling Tents Protect Your Car

Anyone who lives in a tropical country knows how difficult it is to get into a car that’s been under the sun for hours. There’s the hot door handle, the

Friends for Rent in Japan

I understand renting cars, gowns, and suits. But renting friends? Apparently, these days, no idea is too out there when it comes to making money. A Japanese company called Family

Two Dogs Star in Engagement Photos

Brace yourselves. Cuteness overload heading your way. Dog owner and photographer Emily Abril decided the internet needed some cutifying so she started posting pictures of her dogs Sebastian, a French bulldog, and

Tony Moly Launches Pokemon-Inspired Cosmetics

Tony Moly knows a good thing when it sees one. With the renewed interest in anything Pokemon worldwide after the release of Pokemon Go last year, die-hard Pokemon fans are

Pregnant Horse’s Miracle Delivery

Jenni turned her love for horses into a business. She is the owner and founder of Saratoga Stud in South Africa, where she breeds, rides and cares for horses. In

Is the World Ready for Clear Coffee?

“Coffee, please. But hold the color.” Brothers David and Adam Nagy love coffee but hate the stained teeth that come with it. Because of this, they invented a coffee drink

Man Marries Robot

What is love? I recently asked my Facebook friends to define love and here are some of their answers: Love is perhaps the most elusive thing on earth. Lucky are

Coachella 2017 Must-Have Item

Do you have a picture of yourself wearing a virtual floral crown? Well, time to update the look because fashion experts say that floral crowns are so passé. For Coachella

Hermes Singapore Collaborates with Artists

Have you ever stopped and admired those creative and arresting display windows at the mall? Well you’re not alone. Many people often pause in front of display windows to admire

Different Concepts of Beauty

What is beauty? Why is it important? I remember beauty as one of the concepts we studied in Philosophy in college. Is beauty in the mind of the beholder or

Man Asks for Donations to Raise $15k to Buy Engagement Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and no one knows this better than 30-year-old William Oliver of Atlanta, Georgia. Oliver created a GoFundMe page to raise $15,000 to buy an engagement