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UP Student Diagnosed with Brain Tumor Shortly After Graduation

There is nothing more painful than seeing a sick loved one’s health deteriorate. The physical manifestations are sometimes unbearable, especially when the loved one afflicted with illness was once full of life.

On May 2, the admin of a Facebook Page called Health Budz posted an album titled Call for Help Brain Tumor Patient Pangasinan. She posted pictures of a young woman named Mary Jelly Ambrosio, who appears to be very sick. In one picture, Mary Jelly looks emaciated. She’s seated in a chair and appears to be in pain.

The album is a plea for help for Mary Jelly, a UP Baguio graduate, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after her graduation in 2009. Mary has been suffering for eight years now. The pictures are accompanied by this post:

A loving daughter and a brilliant student, Mary Jelly Ambrosio never got the chance to show the world her talent and brilliance when she was diagnosed with brain tumor months after she graduated college in UP Baguio. 

She never got the chance to help improve the life of her family. 
She is a resident of a humble barangay in Lingayen Pangasinan and without a large sum of money to sustain their hospital bills, her parents decided to take care of Jelly in their own home. She cannot see and her body is becoming weak.

The love of her family and daily food intake of fruits and veggies and most importantly their faith with God keeps her strong and fighting each and every day. 

With your help we can make her healthy again and eventually show the world that anything is possible thru God and with the help of her angels (You). 
She needs our help, she needs donors for her medications and vitamins to stop her sickness immediately and improve her health now. 

We need to help her before we run out of time. 
With proper nutrition we can help slow down this disease and regenerate her body. 

Contact Karissa at 0933 856 6376 if you want to help her fight this degenerative disease! 

Thank you for sharing your blessings. God bless you even more! 

As of writing, the post has had 2.5K likes and has been shared almost 1,700 times. Senator J.V. Ejercito, son of former president Joseph Estrada, was alerted to the Mary Jelly’s condition by a certain Kristina Arce Yow via social media. He replied, “Will do. This is so sad.” One netizen says she hopes the senator actually helps Mary Jelly.

ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol has also interviewed Mary Jelly to help tell her story. Prayers, well wishes, and financial support have started pouring in from all over the country.

In a Facebook post posted on May 4, Health Buds gave everyone an update on Mary Jelly’s condition. This is what they posted:

[UPDATE May 4, 2017] Call for Help for Jelly Ambrosio
Thank you dear angels for helping our beloved Jelly thru your prayers, thru sharing of this post and tagging your friends and different organizations. 

1. Jelly will be going thru a CT Scan to get an update of her condition. The results posted was taken 4 years ago. It was the only lab result that Tita Fely was able to save when their home was flooded years ago. Let’s pray for Jelly.

2. Thank you very much for your prayers and financial support, we have sent Tita Fely Ambrosio (her mom) the cash donations that you have sent us. They will be opening a bank account so that you can directly send them your cash donations. We’ll keep you posted. For the meantime, you can PM us if you want to donate and we’ll forward you their details once we get an update from Jelly’s family.

3. Jelly’s family is overwhelmed with what we have done. Together we can help Jelly regain her strength and eventually comeback from her condition. She will soon see and experience how beautiful life is and be able to thank her angels for all the support. 

We will keep you posted. Thank you very much for all your help!! May God bless you with a healthy body, heart, mind and spirit!
** For those who want to visit Jelly, you may PM us and we’ll send you their address and contact details.
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Encyclopedia.com defines brain tumor as “an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain.” It rarely metastasizes, meaning it doesn’t spread, outside the brain. Not all brain tumors are malignant. There’s benign brain tumor, which doesn’t have cancer cells, and there’s malignant brain tumor which contains cancer cells.

It is not clear what kind of brain tumor Mary Jelly has. All we can do now is pray for her full and speedy recovery.

By: 22colors.com

Photo courtesy of Health Budz

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