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Want to Earn $17,000 by Sleeping?

If Rip van Winkle were real, he’d be making some serious dough. You could too, if you’re willing to become a professional sleeper.

The Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology in Toulouse, France, is in need of 24 volunteers who are willing to stay in bed for 60 days straight. Yup, two months, all in the name of research.

Not everyone can apply, though. The Institute is looking for fit and healthy men, 20 to 45 years of age, and with a body mass index (BMI) between 22 and 27. If you think you could lose a bit more weight, better get on that treadmill now.

The participants are not expected to sleep for 60 days straight. However, all of them should have at least one shoulder touching the bed at all times. Half the participants will be given drugs to counter the effects weightlessness has on the body. The drugs that will be administered will include anti-inflammatories and antioxidant food supplements.

Through this experiment, scientists are hoping to find out how prolonged periods of weightlessness can impact humans, and if simply lying down can mimic some of these effects on the body. Also, they would like to test the feasibility of eating, going to the toilet, and exercising while laying on a bed.

“The idea of this study is to reproduce the weightlessness of the International Space Station (ISS),” Dr Arnaud Beck, the coordinating physician of the study, said in an interview on the French news program 20 Minutes. “During the first two weeks our scientists will do a whole series of tests and measurements on the volunteers. This will be followed by a 60-day period during which they must remain in bed, the head slightly inclined downwards at less than six degrees.”

This will be followed by two weeks of rehabilitation, during which scientists will perform tests to see what the effects lying down for a long period of time has on the participants’ bodies.

If you feel you’re up to the challenge, click here to volunteer.

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