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7 Things Pinoy Couples Do

Let’s face it. Filipino couples have their own brand of romance. There are just some things that Pinoy couples do that are signature Pinoy. The following are based solely on my observations of my couple friends in real life and on social media:

1. They have more than one anniversary.It could be the first time they dated, the first time they held hands, the first time they kissed, or the time agreed to go steady. Filipino couples celebrate all kinds of relationship milestones which they believe make their bond stronger.

2. They celebrate monthsaries.Perhaps it’s the impatience of Pinoys or the fact that some relationships don’t last long enough for couples to celebrate their first anniversary, but Filipino couples love celebrating monthsaries. It’s also an excuse to spend at least one romantic evening together in a month. We all know how hectic people’s schedules can be so this is a good time for couples to bond with each other.

3. They post love messages to each other on social media.Although some couples prefer to keep their relationships private, there are Pinoy couples who feel the need to correspond on social media, exchanging sweet nothings for everyone to read. A simple “Happy anniversary” could turn into an essay of how much they fill each other’s hearts with joy, and all those mushy things that Pinoy couples say to each other.

4. They have their own hashtags.They use their own hashtags, most of the time a combination of their names, when they post pictures on social media. This makes it easier for their friends and family to find their photos online should they feel the need for sweetness overload.

5. They have a signature pose.Due to the overwhelming popularity of #followme couple, Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his journalist wife Natalia Zakharova, Filipino couples have deemed it necessary to follow suit. Some copy Osmann’s style, while others opt for originality. Some do cartwheels, while others kiss with their leg up. Whatever it is, Pinoy couples are game enough to make their pictures more interesting.

6. They coordinate their outfits.Some Filipino couples do this when they go on a trip. If you’re lucky, you might even see them with their little ones wearing the exact same outfit. This makes it easier for them to find one another especially in extremely busy places like theme parks and malls.

7. They call each other “beh.”A derivative of “baby,” beh has been a popular term of endearment among Filipino couples. They were calling each other beh even before “bae” became a thing.

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By: Katy Concepcion-Wiggins

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