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Friends for Rent in Japan

I understand renting cars, gowns, and suits. But renting friends?

Apparently, these days, no idea is too out there when it comes to making money. A Japanese company called Family Romance created Real Appeal, a business that provides customers “friends” they can rent for social media photo shoots. Because we all know how important that is.

The cost? $71 for one “friend” who will accompany you for two hours as you take Instagram-worthy pictures all over the city. Aside from the rental, the customer also pays for the transportation, food, and drinks.

You can specify what kind of “friend” you want. The age, gender, and even the style of clothing.

For example, a businessman might want to be accompanied by someone who looks dignified, perhaps in a business attire, and also someone in the same age bracket.

Real Appeal isn’t just about providing fake friends. A “friend” may also pose as a customer’s new love interest to show an ex-boyfriend that she has moved on and has leveled up.

Some people might find the service that Real Appeal provides weird. However, they are not the first company to do it. Some companies in China have done this before. Some even rent out Caucasians to pose as family members living in condo units for sale. They act as if they’re living in a condo while there’s an open house going on.

With Real Appeal’s rental friends, you will never have to be alone in your photos anymore.

By: 22colors.com
Photo credit: Family Romance

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