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KEID Digital Necklace is Everybody’s Best Friend

Talk about taking jewelry to the next level. KEID digital jewelry necklace allows the wearer to upload any image he or she wants to display instantly. So you can match your necklace to your mood.

The hi-tech jewelry is a perfect example of the merging of technology and fashion, something which I believe will be happening more often in the near future.

The KEID digital jewelry necklace comes with a smartphone app which allows the user to download virtually any image on their device so they can wear it. The possibilities are endless. You can put your favorite quotes, pictures, artwork, et cetera. It’s like a virtual mood necklace which displays whatever the wearer feels like displaying.

The KEID digital jewelry necklace comes with a case. You can choose between floral, black, metal, and wood designs. The screen has a 240 x 240 resolution display and is powered by a 400mAH battery which could last up to ten hours.

By: 22colors.com
Photo credit: The Gadget Flow

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