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Lanmodo Cooling Tents Protect Your Car

Anyone who lives in a tropical country knows how difficult it is to get into a car that’s been under the sun for hours. There’s the hot door handle, the scorching steering wheel. And what about the heat inside the car? It is sometimes unbearable.

Good thing car-cooling tents are now available. The Lanmodo tents easily attach to roof of your car and works like an umbrella. It is a great way to protect your car from the elements.

The Lanmodo tents also keep your car much cooler. Gone are the days of opening your windows to let the heat out, or waiting a few minutes before you can touch the steering wheel.

When not in use as a car tent, you can use the Lanmodo tent as an awning for when you go camping or when you’re at the beach.

Click here to find out more about Lanmodo car tents.

By: 22colors.com

Photo credit: Lanmodo

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