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Man Asks for Donations to Raise $15k to Buy Engagement Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and no one knows this better than 30-year-old William Oliver of Atlanta, Georgia. Oliver created a GoFundMe page to raise $15,000 to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Alexandra. Unfortunately, he has only raised $609 so far.

The post has received mixed reactions from netizens. Some think it’s a romantic gesture, while others believe it’s ridiculous to even try to buy something so extravagant when you don’t have the money.

Oliver explains his reason for trying to crowdfund Alexandra’s engagement ring. He thought crowdfunding would be an “innovative way to show (his) appreciation” for Alexandra, and that he hoped to “raise awareness about the difference between the love we share and the love people have for us.”

With most people barely scraping by with the little that they make, some people feel it is arrogant of Oliver to even think people would give him money for something so frivolous. What do you think? Have you ever tried to crowdfund before?

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