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Man Marries Robot

What is love? I recently asked my Facebook friends to define love and here are some of their answers:

Love is perhaps the most elusive thing on earth. Lucky are those who can truly say they have found the love of their life, the person they will spend forever with.

One man’s quest for love, however, proved to be as easy as buying a laptop or mobile phone. Well… as easy as building one.

Zheng Jiajia, a 31-year-old engineer from Hangzhou, China, recently married a robot he had built. Jiajia, an expert in artificial intelligence, programmed the robot so it can communicate with him using basic words. It is also able to identify some Chinese characters and images, according to the South China Morning Post. He named his wife Yingying.

Jiajia’s mother and friends were present during the happy occasion to wish the bride and groom luck. Some of his friends, however, claim that the reason why Jiajia built a wife for himself was because he couldn’t find a human girlfriend. Jiajia plans to improve YingYing so she can walk and help around the house.

Jiajia and Yingying’s love story may not be a typical one, but it goes to show that people are willing to go to great lengths just to find true love – even if it’s Weird Science 2017 edition.

By: Katy Concepcion-Wiggins

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