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Two Dogs Star in Engagement Photos

Brace yourselves. Cuteness overload heading your way.

Dog owner and photographer Emily Abril decided the internet needed some cutifying so she started posting pictures of her dogs Sebastian, a French bulldog, and Luna, his Pomeranian bae, wearing stylish clothes while out and about in Washington, D.C.

In a series of photos posted on Instagram, it can be seen that the two recently got engaged. One photo shows the two dogs kissing underneath a cherry blossom tree. In another photo, Luna is affectionately kissing Sebastian as he looks at the camera. Luna’s top and Sebastian’s bow tie match, of course.

The two dogs always look so flawless – their outfits, seemingly picked out by the world’s best stylist. But beyond their adorable outfits, it is the message in every photo that brings so much joy to their fans on social media. Their pictures seem to say, “Life is beautiful. You can be happy.”

Yes, it is a simple message, but a powerful one. I know we all could use a reprieve from this chaotic world that we live in, where some forms of evil seem to have been normalized.

Congratulations on your engagement, Sebastian and Luna! We’re already waiting for the wedding invite!

By: 22colors.com

Photo credit: Sebastian Loves Luna


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