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Which Fairy Tale Princess Are You?

Many a young girl grows up believing in fairy tales. At least up to a certain point. The stories read to them by their parents not only enhance their creativity and sharpen their imagination, they also teach them a great deal about life. How love trumps hate every single time, how true love conquers all, and how evil can never prevail.

Every young girl has her favorite fairy tale princess, who may not be perfect, but who embodies a benevolence that we can only aspire for. Let’s take a closer look at these fairy tale princesses and answer the question, “Which fairy tale princess are you?”

1. Cinderella

Perhaps the most popular among the fairy tale princesses, Cinderella’s riches to rags to riches story is an all-time favorite. She lost her mother at a young age, and lost her father soon after he had remarried.

Cinderella is kind, caring, humble, patient, obedient – all the desirable traits one could ever hope for. However, some might say she is too kind and that she allows her stepmother to take advantage of her for far too long. Perhaps it is because of this extreme kindness that fate sees it fit to reward her with her happy ever after.

2. Snow White

Snow White’s stepmother is a more sinister version of Cinderella’s stepmother. While Cinderella is forced to do household chores from sunup to sundown, Snow White is ordered butchered by her own guardian. Thank God for the huntsman with a conscience, Snow White meets the seven dwarfs and ultimately the love of her life.

Snow White’s beauty is legendary, even among fairy tale princesses. Her dark hair, rosy cheeks, and red lips are the envy of everyone especially her wicked stepmother who practices the dark arts.

We don’t really see Snow White’s benevolence shine through in the first part of her story. We only know of her beauty. However, what we admire about her is her ability to adjust to her new station in life when she starts living with the seven dwarfs.

She cleans and cooks for them. She does chores she’s not used to. She knows how to carry her weight, and this endears her to the seven dwarfs.

Perhaps the only thing wrong with her is she’s too trusting. When her stepmother, disguised as a crone, visits her in the cabin and gives her an apple, she eats it. We all know how the story goes. Are you as trusting to the point of naivete like Snow White?

3. Aurora

Aurora or Sleeping Beauty, for the most part, is asleep. We don’t know that much about her except that she is a curious child. Because of the curse that a malevolent fairy places upon her – that she would be pricked by a needle and die at fifteen – her father orders all the spindles in the kingdom destroyed.

Well, she doesn’t die, but instead falls into a deep sleep until she’s awoken by true love’s kiss.

Curiosity does kill the cat or, in Aurora’s case, makes her fall into a deep slumber. Are you as curious as Aurora? Have you ever gotten in trouble because of it? Do you think that’s a positive or a negative trait?

4. Ariel

The Little Mermaid is a favorite of many little and not-so-little girls. With her red flowing hair, big round eyes as blue as the sea, and a beautiful singing voice, Ariel is very popular among Merfolks and other sea creatures.

She is as curious as Aurora and would like to learn more about the ways of the two-legged creatures. She rescues a handsome prince from drowning and starts to obsess about him. This leads to danger when she agrees to give up her voice in exchange for a pair of legs just so she could be with him.

Ariel is the type of fairy tale princess who throws caution to the wind. She goes after what she wants without thinking of the consequences. This could be positive. It could also be negative. This is how a lot of us get into trouble. Sometimes, what we need is to tame our desires and think before we act.

Are you as carefree as Ariel? Is there something you want so bad that you’re willing to give up something that is near and dear to you?

5. Mulan

Technically, Mulan is not a fairy tale princess. She’s a character based on Hua Mulan, a legendary Chinese woman warrior who takes the place of her old father to join the army.

Mulan is a girl with something to prove. From the start, we see her as someone with ambition. Someone who knows she has more to give, but is limited by the dictates of societal conventions.

In the end she emerges victorious, proving to everyone and especially to herself, that she is as capable as any man. Perhaps even more capable than some.

Mulan’s only flaw is that she pretends to be someone else. She lies to people she cares about, albeit, for a noble cause.

Are you like Mulan? Do you also lie to spare your loved ones from heartache? Or are you trapped in a situation where you feel the need to pretend to be accepted?

6. Belle

Belle is a loving daughter who willingly sacrifices herself for her father. She is literally the most beautiful girl in her town but she doesn’t seem to know it. She’s humble, caring, and brave.

One good thing about Belle is she believes in the good in people and refuses to give up on them. She looks past the physical. She knows that physical beauty is only skin deep.

It’s hard to pinpoint Belle’s imperfections. Maybe she’s a bit too brave? But wouldn’t you risk your life for your father? Wouldn’t you trade places with him if he were in danger, if you were given the opportunity?

7. Jasmine

Perhaps Jasmine is the most realistic fairy tale princess. She speaks her mind and comes off a bit too strong for some people. But that is what is so endearing about her. She’s feisty yet still very feminine. She doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s the epitome of an empowered fairy tale princess. And no one else could rock that midriff top the way she does.

Are you as strong-willed and empowered as Princess Jasmine? Do you also speak your mind? Are you tough yet feminine at the same time? Do you melt when a handsome guy serenades you?

So, which of the fairy tale princesses are you? Are you a Cinderella, a Snow White, an Aurora, an Ariel, a Mulan, a Belle or a Jasmine?

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