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Artist Creates Anime-Like Fast Food Characters

Inspiration is all around us. It is just a matter of knowing where to look. One such artist knew exactly where to look for inspiration for a series of artworks

Tourists Robbed in Boracay during “Laboracay”

Traveling is one of the most rewarding, most worthwhile leisurely activities there is. When we travel, we not only get to explore and meet different kinds of people, we also

Japan Luxury Sleeper Train Makes Maiden Journey

While people from some parts of the world have yet to see a working train, Japan has been a world leader when it comes to hi-tech railway systems. The Shinkansen,

KEID Digital Necklace is Everybody’s Best Friend

Talk about taking jewelry to the next level. KEID digital jewelry necklace allows the wearer to upload any image he or she wants to display instantly. So you can match

$2145-Balenciaga Bag is Ikea Bag Dead Ringer

Anyone who’s ever set foot in an Ikea store is familiar with the big blue shopping bag that you hang on the shopping cart. It’s huge, shapeless, and not really

Two Pen Pals Meet for the First Time in 42 Years

Decades before the internet, George Ghossn and Lori Gertz became pen pals. It was quite common back then, to meet new friends by exchanging letters. Even my mother had a pen

ScarJo Invites Doppelganger for Girls’ Night Out

What do you do when your grandmother is a dead ringer for one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars? You post her picture on the internet, of course! That’s exactly what

Sasaki Designs Vertical Hydroponic Farm in Shanghai

Architecture firm Sasaki has designed a vertical hydroponic farm for Shanghai’s Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District, where leafy vegetables will be grown in a huge greenhouse. The urban farm will be built

Barbed Wire Brows: Yea or Nay?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw pictures of feather eyebrows. Yep, you heard it right. Eyebrows that were styled to look like a feather, and I instantly thought

Benefits of Staying at an Airbnb Apartment

The first time my family and I stayed at an Airbnb apartment was when we went to Guam in 2014. We had traveled there the previous year and had wanted

Lanmodo Cooling Tents Protect Your Car

Anyone who lives in a tropical country knows how difficult it is to get into a car that’s been under the sun for hours. There’s the hot door handle, the

Friends for Rent in Japan

I understand renting cars, gowns, and suits. But renting friends? Apparently, these days, no idea is too out there when it comes to making money. A Japanese company called Family