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Basquiat’s Untitled Painting Sold for $110.5M

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s untitled painting sold for $110.5 million at an auction on Thursday. The artwork, an oilstick, acrylic and spray-painted masterpiece, is a painting of a skull, which the artist

Artist Andrew Fairclough Dystopian-Inspired Artworks

Move over resting bitch face, there’s a new player in town. Artist Andrew Fairclough is an illustrator, designer and art director based in Sydney, Australia. His works have captured the

10 Unbelievable Artworks that Fetched Millions of Dollars

There are art genres which can be considered an acquired taste. Some may not like Picasso’s style, while others may find it fascinating. Some prefer Realist artworks, while some prefer

Artist Creates Anime-Like Fast Food Characters

Inspiration is all around us. It is just a matter of knowing where to look. One such artist knew exactly where to look for inspiration for a series of artworks

Artist Vincent Jeannerot Designs Herb-Scented Tattoos

If you’re feeling bold and carefree, but don’t want to commit to something as permanent as a real tattoo, then the Bouquet Garni Set is for you. It is a

‘Art in the South’ Happens on Sunday April 23

Art is very much alive in the Philippines. The country boasts many established artists, whose works have been recognized here and abroad, and burgeoning ones, whose undeniable talent is already

Japanese Artist Creates Lifelike Cats and Dogs

If there’s one thing the Japanese are really good at, it’s making everything kawaii. Japanese artist Yomoko888’s creations are no exception. Yomoko888 creates lifelike replicas of cats and dogs, which

Toshiba Smart LED Lights Up Museums

Toshiba revolutionizes the way museums are illuminated, while protecting valuable art works and bringing out their true colors. Museum lighting is very important. It is very crucial to get it

Artist Barbara Ségal Sculpts Hermes Bag

When artist Barbara Ségal posted a picture of her creation on Instagram, the fashion world stopped to catch its breath. Her beautiful creation is so life-like that people thought it was

What Dictates the Value of a Work of Art?

A couple of years ago I went to the Ayala Museum with my husband. After visiting the gold artifacts section and seeing samples of clothing dating back to the Spanish