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10 Unbelievable Artworks that Fetched Millions of Dollars

There are art genres which can be considered an acquired taste. Some may not like Picasso’s style, while others may find it fascinating. Some prefer Realist artworks, while some prefer

25 Gorgeous Sisters of Famous Filipino Celebrities

Not everyone blessed with good looks enters show business. People don’t really let their physical appearance dictate their career paths. These gorgeous showbiz sister of famous Pinoy celebrities prove that

Friends Coloring Book Available on Etsy

Friends fans worldwide have one thing in common – they still binge-watch Friends from start to finish at least once a year. Well this news is for everyone who loved

Toshiba Smart LED Lights Up Museums

Toshiba revolutionizes the way museums are illuminated, while protecting valuable art works and bringing out their true colors. Museum lighting is very important. It is very crucial to get it

Toronto Play Wants Audience to Watch Naked

For its April 1st showing, Sheets, a play by Canadian playwright and director Salvatore Antonio, wants its audience to turn up in their birthday suit. And no, it’s no April

Ballet Manila Summer Intensive 2017

Ballet Manila is offering its Summer Intensive Program from April 3 to May 28. Led by Artistic Director Lisa Macuja and Co-Artistic Director Osias Barroso, Ballet Manila rose to prominence