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Teen Dies After Consuming Too Much Caffeine

What started out as an ordinary day for Davis Allen Cripe, ended in a tragedy when the 16-year-old South Carolina native collapsed inside his classroom on April 26. The Spring

Dad Finds Something Gross in Child’s Sippy Cup

Simon O’kanada of Quebec, Canada couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his son. He kept getting sick even when there was no flu virus going around. The government also

Why Being Alone is Good for You

When was the last time you were alone? As in really alone? With no boyfriend, no cell phone, and no social media? Just alone in your room with nothing but

Starting Over at Any Age

No one really wants to see marriage as something that has an expiration date. Everyone who is in a relationship, albeit an imperfect one, still believes in a happily ever after.

12 Weekly Goals to Achieve Work-Life Balance

People close to me know I am a workaholic. Not the cute, aspiring kind… the dangerous kind. Hence, the breast cancer.  Yes, I am a breast cancer survivor. In October