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Japan Luxury Sleeper Train Makes Maiden Journey

While people from some parts of the world have yet to see a working train, Japan has been a world leader when it comes to hi-tech railway systems. The Shinkansen,

Friends for Rent in Japan

I understand renting cars, gowns, and suits. But renting friends? Apparently, these days, no idea is too out there when it comes to making money. A Japanese company called Family

10 Things to Do in Nagoya

Nagoya is such a beautiful city with parks that can rival famous European ones. It is small and not as busy as Tokyo or Osaka – perfect for a quiet

10 Dos and Don’ts When Traveling to Japan

Japan is on many people’s bucket list. It’s a beautiful country rich in history and culture. Every year, the number of foreign visitors in Japan increases. In 2016, it rose

4 Myths About Traveling to Japan

“Japan is so expensive,” says mostly anyone who has never been there. I have to admit before my first trip to Japan, I was apprehensive about going there. I didn’t

Why I Keep Going Back to Japan

Japan was always on my bucket list as a child. Before I moved to the Philippines in 2010, I had traveled to Japan once and was instantly mesmerized. Since then,