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5 Things Parents Should Never Post on Social Media

In this age of social media and connectivity, reaching out to friends from all corners of the globe is a breeze. Just tap on the Facebook icon on your phone,

Drown Out the Noise with Blank Newspapers

Are you sick and tired of hearing or reading the news, legitimate or otherwise? In this day and age of fake news and alternative facts, and some people’s seeming inability

Friends for Rent in Japan

I understand renting cars, gowns, and suits. But renting friends? Apparently, these days, no idea is too out there when it comes to making money. A Japanese company called Family

7 Things Pinoy Couples Do

Let’s face it. Filipino couples have their own brand of romance. There are just some things that Pinoy couples do that are signature Pinoy. The following are based solely on

Facebook: To Add or Not to Add?

You meet someone who piques your interest at a friend’s barbecue party. You feel you have so many things in common that it puzzles you why you’ve never crossed paths