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7 Must-Haves When You Fly

As someone who travels fairly regularly, I have learned that there are things that can make you more comfortable when you fly. Aside from the essentials like passport, ticket, and money (or credit card), these are the things I make sure I bring when I fly.

1. Shawl

I always make sure I have a shawl in my carry on because it could get quite chilly inside the airport or on the plane. Some airlines don’t provide blankets especially on short haul flights. So a shawl is the perfect accessory to keep you warm.

2. Lip balm

My lips get so dry whenever I fly. This happens because of the low humidity inside the airplane so always keep a lip balm handy to protect those luscious lips of yours. Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to protect yourself from viruses which can easily be caught in confined spaces such as an airplane.

3. Book

If you’re anything like me, make sure you have a book with you when you fly. It could get quite boring on the plane or when you’re at an airport during a long lay over, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on some reading. You can use a paper back or an e-book, it doesn’t matter. Depending on how long the flight is, you might even finish a medium-length book.

4. Power Bank

Everyone brings their phones with them but not everyone remembers to bring a fully charged power bank. Make sure you bring your power bank, which you have charged the night before, plus the necessary cables you will need to charge all your gadgets. It is important that you are able to use your phone because you never know what you might need to retrieve using it, like an important phone number or the address of your hotel.

5. Mobile Phone

Being a freelance writer, I never go anywhere without my phone. I make sure I document everything using the phone’s camera. I also take notes with it using the phones stylus pen and built-in notepad. I also use the phone’s recorder when I interview people for an article, like the time I interviewed M Restaurant’s manager Kuniyoshi Okamoto in Osaka in January 2016 for an article that was featured in a business magazine.

6. Comfortable clothes

Comfort is very important when you travel. Not everyone is fortunate enough to fly first or business class. Most of us fly economy, stuck in narrow seats with very limited leg room. So what we wear can impact our level of comfort. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes like leggings or a comfy pair of jeans and wrinkle-free top.

7. Comfortable shoes

Stilettos, high-heeled boots, and strappy sandals are out. Comfy, sensible shoes are in. For flights going to the U.S., passengers are told to remove their shoes for inspection. Make sure you wear shoes that are easy to remove and to put back on. Also, some airports are massive and you might need to walk long distance to get from one gate to another.

By: Katy Concepcion-Wiggins

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