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Benefits of Staying at an Airbnb Apartment

The first time my family and I stayed at an Airbnb apartment was when we went to Guam in 2014. We had traveled there the previous year and had wanted to save a bit of money on accommodation. So we decided to try Airbnb. We loved it so much that we have mainly stayed at Airbnb apartments since then. Below you’ll find a list of benefits of staying at an Airbnb apartment.

1. You have more space than an ordinary hotel room.

Of course, there are exceptions, especially if you’re staying at a Japanese apartment. However, most Airbnb apartments have a kitchen, small dining area, and a bedroom/living space. Some apartments even offer more space, depending on what you need and your budget.

2. You save money.

Airbnb apartments tend to be cheaper than hotel rooms. A week ago, I was checking out apartments in Sydney for 7 people and compared the prices of hotel rooms. Unless, by some miracle, there’s a hotel promo, Airbnb apartments are generally cheaper than hotels.

3. It’s more homey than a hotel room.

An Airbnb apartment feels more like home than an ordinary hotel room. Since there’s a kitchen, you can prepare your own food if you wish. You can buy breakfast and eat there or buy a cheap meal at a supermarket and eat at the apartment. Also, if you happen to be staying at a large apartment with a group of people, you can use the common areas to chat and bond with them. So the apartment actually becomes part of your vacation.

4. No need to pay exorbitant laundry fees.

A lot of the Airbnb apartments have washing machines. Some even have dryers, detergent, and fabric softener. If you think you’ll be needing to do the laundry during your stay, make sure the apartment you’re booking has these facilities.

5. No toiletries? No problem.

I have stayed at 10 different Airbnb apartments and all of them had basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and even toilet paper. The owners also provided face, hand, and bath towels. If you don’t feel like using other peoples’ towels, you can bring your own. But if you’re concerned about the weight of your bag, then you can use the towels provided for you.

6. Peace and Quiet.

Airbnb apartments are usually located in quiet residential areas. If you’re not a party animal, and would much rather enjoy a quiet night in your bedroom after a long day of walking around the city, then an Airbnb apartment is perfect for you.

7. All the information you need is on their website or app.

All the information that you’ll need prior to booking an Airbnb apartment is on their website or app. You can read reviews about hosts and apartments. Also, you can find out the location of the apartment you want to book, if it is near a metro station, a convenience store, a park, restaurants, etc.

8. Hosts, apartments, and guests are reviewed.

After checking out, you’ll get a message asking to review the apartment and your host. The host will also review you so don’t be surprised to find a review of you as a guest after your stay. Airbnb tries not only to protect you but also the hosts. Some guests are not as respectful as others when it comes to other people’s property, so Airbnb tries weed out unruly guests.

How to book an Airbnb apartment?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Look for an apartment that suits your needs. You can book either a private room or an entire place.
  3. Make sure you put the right dates.
  4. Book the apartment.
  5. Fill out the credit card details.
  6. Send a message to the host.

By: Katy Concepcion-Wiggins

Photo credit: Airbnb


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