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Japan Luxury Sleeper Train Makes Maiden Journey

While people from some parts of the world have yet to see a working train, Japan has been a world leader when it comes to hi-tech railway systems. The Shinkansen, a network of high-speed railway lines operated by five Japan Railways Group companies, started operating as early as 1964.


Today, the East Japan Railway Co. is taking the train experience to a whole new level with the recently launched Train Suite Shiki-shima, a luxury sleeper designed by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, that transports passengers in style.

The train’s exterior is coated with a gold finish that screams elegance, while the cut-out details give the train a more modern look. The interior echoes the design of the exterior, with white and gold as the two main colors. Every section of the sleeper exudes elegance and luxury.

The East Japan Railway Co. spared no expense. Also, they incorporated elements that are truly Japanese in the the design of this luxury train. There are tatami mats, bathtubs, steam-bent wood sofas, and a viewing car for passengers who want to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

The Shiki-shima made its maiden journey, a four-day trip, on May 1 with 33 passengers. It went across northern Japan from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

The food is prepared by Michelin star chefs and are served by uniformed butlers. Talk about the ultimate luxurious train ride experience.

You might be wondering how much a ride on this train would cost you. It can set you back $2,860 to around $10,000 depending on the length of your journey. You can choose between a two- or four-day trip. Luxury travel is not for everybody.

However, despite the steep ticket prices, the Shiki-shima is fully booked until March 2018.

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Photo credit: bbc.com

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