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Why I Keep Going Back to Japan

Japan was always on my bucket list as a child. Before I moved to the Philippines in 2010, I had traveled to Japan once and was instantly mesmerized. Since then, I have been to Japan multiple times, and every time I go back I’m still mesmerized. Here are some of the things I love about the Land of the Rising Sun.

1. Culture

Japanese culture is so rich. I love the discipline that is ingrained in the people. I love how simple things like flower arrangements or the pouring of sake or tea is elevated into an art form. Everything has meaning. Otaku culture is also a big part of my life. As a Pokémon collector, no trip to Japan is complete without a visit to the Pokémon Center. It’s my Disneyland.

2. History

I find the Japanese feudal era fascinating specifically the samurai and the art of sword-making. I guess you can call me a typical boy. Seeing real katana or samurai swords in person was surreal. I also love the detail in the armor and different face masks which were used to intimidate the enemies.

3. Architecture

The Japanese value their past and this is evident in how they preserve important historical structures. In every Japanese city I’ve been to, I’ve always appreciated seeing old Japanese architecture from the castles to the old houses. It’s like traveling back in time. Such a welcome change from being surrounded by modern skyscrapers all the time.

4. Food

I just love Japanese food. Hakata ramen is probably my favorite. I first tried it in Fukuoka in March 2016 and just had to have it again when I went back in December. I also enjoy eating sushi on conveyor belts. The quality of food one finds in Japan is so high that even convenience store food is restaurant quality.

By: Pete Wiggins

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